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Challenging A Will "No Win No Fee"

Disputes about wills, challenging a will, and probate disputes are extremely complex areas of law and cases can be very expensive, sometimes costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Each case needs to be considered individually before we can assess how it can be funded.

In many cases, we are able to take on will dispute cases under a no win no fee agreement. We are recognised for our use of no win no fee agreements for probate and will disputes and we often agree to a no win no fee agreement where other solicitors insist on an hourly fee structure. The reason we are prepared to do this is that we have confidence both in our ability to assess the prospect of a case succeeding and, most importantly, in our ability to win the cases that we take on. That said, not all will dispute cases can be funded under a no win no fee agreement and this is something we will discuss with you at the outset.

Where we enter into a no win no fee agreement in a challenging a will / will dispute claim the normal situation is that:

our client will not pay anything if the case is lost;

if the case is won our client will be responsible for our fees from the money he or she recovers but we will often be able to recover most of our fees from another party in the dispute or from the Estate.

In most cases where we enter into a no win no fee arrangement we are able to take out insurance policies to protect our clients from the risk of having to pay the other party’s costs if the case is lost.

No win no fee agreements in disputes about wills and probate are complex and if we agree to take on your case we will explain how they work in great detail.

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